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Real People Real Stories was founded by visionary artist/Australian based photographer Rena Harvey in 2010. 


What began as a travelling exhibition, launching at ACMI (Federation Square- Australian Centre for the Moving Image) evolved into a powerful art therapy that builds personal awareness and empowerment through story telling.  

RPRS guides the client through a journey of self enlightenment revealing vulnerabilities and overcoming. A new found ART THERAPY that dives deep within, to unveil the layers and capturing the beauty of truth.

The RPRS process is healing helping many suffering through their conditioning and programming to reframe and let go in a creative and artistic capture of the truth.

Through conversation Rena Harvey guides the client to share their truth; she develops a vision of the story facilitating acceptance and growth within the client. Through production an image is created to reveal the battles and empowerment the client experiences when they overcome their past.

The team all work closely to genuinely acknowledge what makes us human through the art they apply to this unique process of creating Real People, Real Stories.

Real People, Real Stories

is a creative visionary process to help people express their story through imagery, empowering their greatness and inspiring others.

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A one on one session with visionary artist Rena Harvey, exploring the deeps of the mind to reveal just what events and who, made them what they are today. With knowledge and professional training in psychosomatic & personal development and with her own healing energy, Harvey will drive the vehicle to exploring the client’s truth. She finishes off the session with a clear vision of a single photo to be created.

The purpose of this process is to reveal and empower people and in turn shed light on the experiences that have impacted the stories of their life.

2. Creative Process

Through the interview process Rena Harvey gets a clear vision on the type of image she would like to portray and the team goes behind the scenes on the creative journey to capture it!

The photo shoot date is booked and we go behind the scenes to create the desired vision.  The client will undertake a fun filled day feeling like a real star, from hair and make up to wardrobe and styling through to amazing locations the photo shoot is a once in a lifetime experience. When all the photos have been captured, our digital team adds effects, lighting and imagery to create that one perfect photo ready to reveal to the client.

3. The Reveal

Our entire process is geared towards the climax of revealing the final photo to our client.  The healing magic is made in this moment. Tears, joy, and sadness, laughter, release, surrender – every reveal is different and promises to keep our client captured until the very end of the process.

The reveal of the image at the end of the show allows the client at a glance to in essence identify with the subject matter, providing them with the understanding of why we as a society should not be judgemental.

From its inception, Real People Real Stories offers a platform to capture the truth. Harvey strives to support brave individuals by providing an arena from which to recognise the life skills required on their journey, honouring the past and portraying the stories that lay within. Sharing the stories gives the audience a chance to connect with the client and foster empathy.

It reveals we are more than our stories, in order for us to let go of our inhibitions and soar beyond our own limitations to discover the beauty of life. Rena Harvey and ‘RPRS’ empowers the client to accept the glorious potential of themselves and share this vision with humanity.


Prices vary depending on the final image location, complexity, the need for hair and make-up assistance and post production graphics.  Some images are more difficult to achieve and require detailed planning and a larger production team.




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